A Complete Guide to LinkedIn Ads in 2023 – Your Campaign Offer (1/4)

The first post in a series covering a complete guide to LinkedIn Ads in 2023. This post covers your campaign offer to the audience you will target.
A Complete Guide to LinkedIn Ads in 2023 – Your Campaign Offer (1/4) featured image
3 November 2023

This post covers your LinkedIn Ads campaign offer.

LinkedIn Ads are expensive.

I’m sure you wouldn’t argue with that.

As someone who has used LinkedIn for over 5 years and spent over 1 million pounds on the platform – I can tell you it is only going one way – and that’s up.

So why have I set out to share all the lessons learnt in this series of post covering a complete guide to LinkedIn Ads in 2021 and perhaps more importantly, why should you give some of your precious time to read it?

Well, after helping clients in almost every industry deliver world-class results with any budget, I’m now keen to put these lessons down in writing for Marketers.

I’ve made every mistake in the book and my hope is the posts to come will ensure your campaigns follow fundamental best practices and deliver the results you are aiming for.

Part 1 – Your Campaign Offer

Let’s start with your campaign offer. It is what you will put in front of your target persona.

Everyone wants the demo’s or the business enquiries, however, there is a sweet spot on LinkedIn Ads and it’s best described by talking through the marketing funnel.

At the top are the blogs and news -LinkedIn is too expensive for this.

The bottom of the funnel is too high friction for an audience that has likely not
heard of your business or build enough trust to warrant showing this much intent.

So what’s left? 

This is content that is educational and insightful – it can be from your company or a third party.

LinkedIn Ads

The most important question is whether it is giving value to the audience or asking them to take action for your benefit e.g book a demo.

if you’re giving, rather than taking then this is a good proxy to gauge whether the offer is well suited to advertising on LinkedIn.

Yes, I’ve seen bottom-funnel offers work and I am not saying don’t do them, I am just advising that you’re better off a/b testing in the middle of the funnel to fill your bucket of leads that can be nurtured rather than going for this amount of intent from cold traffic.

Next week, we’ll cover your audience and some of the best methods for targeting on the LinkedIn platform.

Talk soon,


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