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£99 p/m for a limited time.

Led by Tom Tigwell, a recent graduate of LinkedIn’s global certified marketing programme and named as a top 30 expert, this community will equip you with world-class status on the platform.

The Typical Community Experience

As membership rises, the essence of genuine dialogue fades.

When a community is open to everyone, it attracts the masses, often diluting its core value.

What once set a community apart was the profound depth of discussions. It was a melting pot of industry leaders and ambitious individuals eager to elevate their careers.

However, as time passed, many members merely skimmed the surface, posing basic questions without truly adding value.

This shift gradually alienates the expert members. The discourse becomes elementary, with novices guiding novices, causing seasoned professionals to depart.

This is a common trajectory for open-access communities. As numbers surge, quality often diminishes. There are exceptions, but they are rare.

We’re Building The Best (not largest) LinkedIn Ads Community

The criteria for community membership and community managers are crucial. It's not just about who joins, but also about who doesn't. Its not just about having a community manager but having **domain experts** at ALL times.

A membership fee acts as a natural filter, deterring casual participants.

An interview process acts as a filter for us to ensure any community manager meets high standards of expertise and aligns with our philosophy on the channel.

How can our LinkedIn Ads community help you?

A-Z courseCovering the fundamentals of the platform to get you from beginner to intermediate.
Advanced LinkedIn Ads ModulesCovering advanced tactics to take you from intermediate to advanced
Community of like-minded advertisersCollaborate with fellow advertisers with skin in the game in the community to learn from each other in a focused environment.
Access to the Fill My Funnel expertsOn hand to cover key questions you may have
Monthly Q&A sessionsA monthly deep dive to cover questions you have about the platform.
Opportunity to win a FREE month of Ad ManagementEach quarter the most engaged user within the community wins a FREE month of ad management worth up to £3k in value.

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