Transforming lead quality and fueling growth

Early Morning Media chart
Depicting the consistent rise in high-quality leads over two years

They work with our team to create cost effective campaigns which work for us. We spend over 10k p/m and I don’t feel if we ever tried to tackle LinkedIn internally using our own skillset we would have achieved the low CPAs we have – so we couldn’t have got to where we are today without them

William Knight, Managing Director
Early Morning Media

How we achieved

8562 Leads
The problem

Quality Leads: A Crucial Need

Early Morning Media had identified the potential of their newsletters across various sectors such as HR and Law. To keep their newsletter lists thriving, they needed a steady influx of high-quality leads. Unfortunately, their previous attempts with platforms like Facebook delivered leads that lacked the desired quality, making advertising unsustainable and ineffective.

The approach

Sustainable LinkedIn Advertising

Fill My Funnel dived deep into understanding Early Morning Media’s unique needs and audience. Recognising LinkedIn as the perfect platform for a professional audience that Early Morning Media catered to, we focused on ensuring a low cost-per-lead. Crafting meticulously designed campaigns targeting professionals in industries like HR and Law, we combined persuasive ad copies with compelling creatives to attract the right audience. Moreover, constant monitoring and tweaks ensured we met the desired cost per lead without compromising on lead quality.

The results

Fuelling Newsletter Growth

Over a span of two years, our collaboration with Early Morning Media resulted in generating over 1000 high-quality leads, giving a significant boost to their daily newsletter lists. This not only enriched their existing subscriber base but also played a pivotal role in establishing the newsletters as valuable assets for the company. The sheer quality of leads from LinkedIn far surpassed their past experience with Facebook, underscoring the importance of platform suitability and expert campaign management. Early Morning Media now enjoys a consistent and reliable lead generation mechanism that continues to drive its growth.

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