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showing our 126% QoQ growth in website inbounds

I’ve had the privilege of working with Fill My Funnel, who consistently demonstrate a deep platform knowledge and a systematic approach. Their full-funnel content strategy led to a 126% quarter-on-quarter increase in website inbounds this year.

Annemarie, Head of Marketing
Annemarie, Head of Marketing

How we achieved

Increase in Quarter on Quarter Website inbounds
The problem

No reliable channel to deliver website enquiries from target market.

Greenomy faced stagnation in Q2, with website inbounds remaining relatively consistent but failing to grow. The lack of segmented content based on audience intent meant potential leads were not progressing through the funnel effectively. The challenge was to not only attract more traffic but ensure it was of high quality and to communicate more reasons to buy to those that showed intent of interest.

The approach

Full Funnel Content Strategy

Recognizing the importance of intent-based segmentation, we devised a full-funnel content strategy for Greenomy on LinkedIn. The process began with a comprehensive analysis of the target audience’s behaviors and preferences. This led to the creation of personalised content for each stage of the funnel. By distinguishing between top, middle, and bottom funnel content, we were able to cater to prospects based on their buying journey phase, ensuring more meaningful interactions and a higher likelihood of conversion.

The results

Unprecedented Growth in Q3

This led to over double the inbounds in Q3 vs Q2 2023 and validated the approach to creating and capturing demand using the funnel framework.

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