From past failure to consistent pipeline growth

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Illustration of a dramatic 750% boost in website inbounds after strategic adjustments

I’ve worked with Fill My Funnel for the last few months on a LinkedIn pay channel and I’ve seen absolutely tremendous results, but on top of that, it was the attitude and the aptitude to work hard and, and figure this out.

Rahat Ahmed, Head of Marketing
Rahat Ahmed, Head of Marketing
Head of Marketing

How we achieved

surge in website inbounds
The problem

Past Setbacks and Initial Hurdles

Retain International had previously collaborated with multiple agencies that frequently overpromised but significantly underdelivered. This string of disappointments left them wary and skeptical. As we embarked on our journey together, the initial two months were challenging, further deepening their concerns about the efficacy of online ad campaigns.

The approach

Determination and Continuous Experimentation

While the start was rocky, our dedication to Retain International never wavered. We continuously sought to understand the nuances of their target audience and the unique value proposition Retain International offered. This involved relentless experimentation, tweaking targeting parameters, refining ad creatives, and enhancing ad copy. Our commitment to finding the most effective approach and not settling for mediocrity drove us to test various combinations until we discovered the perfect recipe for success.

The results

A Transformative Boost in Traffic

Our persistence paid off. Once the optimised strategy was implemented, Retain International witnessed an unprecedented 150% increase in website inbounds. Beyond mere numbers, this spike represented a triumph over past setbacks and a testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and expertise. Retain International not only benefited from elevated website traffic but also from the knowledge that, with the right partner, obstacles can be transformed into opportunities.

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